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Gratis marketing tips zonder kosten

In regards to your own eCommerce brand and how it should utilize zero cost marketing strategies, below are several tips on how to start optimizing your business:

1. Track Customer Behavior: A great method to attract a larger audience and potential customers is through tracking consumer behavior. By researching and analyzing your target audience, you’ll be able to produce relevant content that will likely bring in more traffic. It is inherently cost efficient too as this strategy can be executed using your own data and insights on consumers or by researching competitors’ reports to see how they are adhering to customer needs.

2. SEO: Although this method may be somewhat time consuming, creating and transforming your content to be SEO-friendly should be a priority amongst your zero cost marketing strategies. An effective way of working on this optimization besides having keywords and phrases throughout your site, would be to create a blog page where your company can talk about relevant topics that your audience and consumers will be interested in. For example, makeup company Glossier has recently started an article section on their site, highlighting beauty, fashion, and lifestyle trends that their customers most likely would relate to, as well as intertwining key phrases and linking to relevant sources to improve their Google ranking. Glossier also took it to the next level by creating additional social media platforms on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest, and an email sign-up to promote its blog.

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