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Virtual assistance

Omdat je wel wat beters te doen hebt

Virtual assistance is een kostenefficiënte oplossing voor bedrijven vormen een essentieel onderdeel van je bedrijf 

Virtual assistants are an essential part of your office staff that you don't want to be without. VAs are small business owners who provide a variety of administrative, creative, and/or technical services from their own office on a contractual basis.

Virtual assistance is a cost-effective solution for businesses since it eliminates the need to hire a new employee, provide office space, equipment, training, benefits, and vacation time. Using the services of a VA saves you time and money-VAs have all the necessary training; they use their own office space, equipment, and software; they get paid only for the time spent to complete a project; and they are not an employee of your company, so they pay their own taxes.

VAs communicate with their customers via phone, fax, email, overnight mail, instant messaging, and web conferencing. VAs become a very important part of your business and want to help you succeed.

They get to know you and your business personally and define their success by customer satisfaction.

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